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Newsday says Happy New Year to Long Island!

Long Island, NY – January, 2009 – Newsday mentions hometown favorite in their "KID STUFF|For parents-to-be" article. Click to read BabiePlate’s review.

BabiePaltes Are The Next Smash Hit Baby Product !!!

Nashville, TN– November, 2008 – BabyLife magazine identifies BabiePlates as a "Fun Product For Parents" in their Growth Spurts article (6-12 months section) on page 25 of BabyLife, a Special Edition of ParentLife for Parents With Children Under 2. BabyLife confirms BabiePlates as the next smash hit baby product !

Parents Magazine Says BabiePlates Are a Must Have !!!

New York, NY– August, 2008 – Parents magazine identifies BabiePlates as a must have in their Good Bag article on page 22 of the August issue. BabiePlates are THE personalized gift that gives your wheels standout panache..a fabulous gift idea !!!

Mommies With Style 2008 Shopping Guide Has Cutest Little BabiePlates!

Philadelphia, PA – April, 2008 – Mommies With Style identifies BabiePlates in their 2008 Shopping Guide. Click to read BabiePlate’s review.

Boutique Café Calls BabiePlates The Must Have Baby Gift!! !

Los Angeles, CA – April, 2008 – Boutique Café reviews BabiePlates in the Daily Dish to make your stroller one of a kind. Click to read BabiePlate’s review.

Why Wait 16 Years For Your Vanity Plate !!!

Chicago, IL – March 19, 2008 – Chicago Herald mentioned in the "More Travel Gear" section of Jamie Sotonoff's Beyond Bonnets article.

Modern Moms Pick BabiePlates As a Great Gift Idea!!!

Chicago, IL – March, 2008 – Chicago Health+Wellness writer picks BabiePlates as a great gift idea. Click Chicago Health+Wellness February/March 2008 to read BabiePlate’s mention.

Amaze Magazine Says BabiePlates Are A Fun New Find!!!

Vancouver, WA – March 1, 2008 – “Always on the lookout for fun new finds for your wee one(s),” BabiePlates make the list of Amaze Magazine’s latest favorites.

Mother of Boys (MOB) Blog Says BabiePlates Are A Fab Find!!!

Kansas City, MO – February 29, 2008 – The Daily Dose by The Queen Mum said “BabiePlates are the perfect, chic, easy gift for showers, housewarmings, engagements, etc” in a post on her blog on Friday. Click to read BabiePlate’s mention.

BabiePlates Tops Mom To Be List In Canada !!

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada – February 22, 2008 – City Life Magazine puts BabiePlates at the top of the list in it’s Mom To Be article recommended gifts for moms to be. ’Add glamour to your child’s wheels. BabiePlates are the perfect way to customize a stroller” says Angela Palmerieri from City Life Magazine. Click City Life Magazine February/March 2008 to read the article.

The Daily Candy Kids LA Says BabiePlates “Pimp Your Ride” !!!

Los Angeles, CA – January 21, 2008 – The Daily Candy Kids LA mentioned BabiePlates in the "RIDE" section of "This Week in Los Angeles" within their Project Funway article. Click to see our mention.

BabiePlates Participates in Ricki Lake “The Business of Being Born” Charity Event !

Los Angeles, CA – January 14, 2008 – BabiePlates had the pleasure of participating in it's first charity event. BabiePlates were in the 400 gift bags provided for celebrity VIPs and attendees. believes in giving back and looks forward to participating in future charity events.

The Daily Stroll Calls BabiePlates “Cute & Innovative” !!!

Schenectady, NY – January 7, 2008 – The Daily Stroll is a leading Internet source for shoppers, designers, and retailers. They are the original online publication focused on bringing parents together with some of the hottest up and coming designers for baby + toddler + maternity. The Daily Stroll exclusive promotional offers have set a trend among the industry and our readership spans world wide. Click to read the article.

BabiePlates are "LICENSED TO BE CUTE" !

Los Angeles, CA - December, 2007 - Life After 50 Magazine selects BabiePlates for their 2007 Holiday Gift Guide. Life After 50 mentions how present BabiePlates owners can bring their BabiePlate out of their baby memoirs and add a personal touch to their wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers...truly a gift that can last a life time!!! Click The Life After 50 Gift Guide 2007 to read the article. Selects Customized BabiePlates As A Cool Daddy Pick!

New York, NY – December 20, 2007 - finds yet another exciting use for BabiePlates.,,,marketing the company logo while jogging in Central Park..what a great idea ! Click to read the article.

BabiePlates Top The List During TV Debut on Sonoran Living Morning Show!!!

Phoenix, Arizona – December 4, 2007 – Valery Lodato, Style Expert, introduced BabiePlates at the top of the list during the “Hassle Free Holiday Travel With The Kids” segment...”Spot your stroller a mile away, whether its a busy airport, theme park, or the play place at the mall. When you add personalized plates with your child's name and birthday it will be easy to spot.” Valerie are some of the positive comments from the segment.

BabiePlates Are A Cool Mom Pick!

Brooklyn, NY - December 1, 2007 – Cool Mom Picks calls BabiePlates “Your Baby’s First Vanity Plate”. Cool Mom Picks track down cool stuff so moms can stay busy being fabulous. Cool Mom Picks know cool stuff doesn't make the mom, but it certainly helps make life a little better.

Cool Mom Picks focus is non-mainstream products and services, particularly those from indie or emerging designers and mom/women-run companies. We believe you can stay true to your dazzling design sensibilities and still support an entrepreneur, especially one trying to support her family through her work. Click to see our review. Releases THE Ultimate Personalized and Unique Holiday Baby Gift!

Hauppauge, NY – November 28, 2007 – BabiePlates with name, date and flag, and Picture BabiePlates have arrived just in time for the holidays. BabiePlates has once again delivered an innovative solution working with their Swedish manufacturers that has purchasers creating additional options to display their BabiePlates…receiving very favorable review.

BabiePlates with flags is the 1st new release that allows you to add a country flag to your BabiePlate with name and date. Picture BabiePlates is the 2nd new release provides the ability to have a picture of your loved one as an option to a birth date on your offering no one else provides today!

BabiePlates are personalized with a name (baby’s name or other recognizable SOX!) and birth date (or baby’s picture), and are the “original” Swedish baby name plate. BabiePlates are currently a very popular newborn, christening, and birthday gift for very proud parents.

Purchasers of BabiePlates have found a number of additional product uses for their BabiePlates and whether you place your BabiePlate on your stroller, bedroom door/wall, shelf, motorized toys, wagons, or go carts, BabiePlates are not just debuted on strollers. Companies are also putting their logos on BabiePlates as another option…your imagination is the only limit to how you can proudly display your BabiePlate. is an MTRD Partners LLC trademarked brand name. MTRD Partners, LLC is a company focused on obtaining distribution rights for products to be sold in Sweden and the United States. MTRD Partners, LLC has extensive experience in the areas of business development, sales and marketing, purchasing, and import/export.

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Babygadget Gives Innovative BabiePlates Positive Product Review!

Brooklyn, NY – November 26, 2007- Babygadget, a publication of PopLife Media, hunts around for new, innovative, fun, sometimes wacky or highly functional and smartly designed products for little ones. More than just a shopping guide, Babygadget shows you where designers and companies are going in their constant quest for innovation. These are definitely not the same baby gadgets you and your mom grew up with. Click to see our review.

Keeping Family First Selects BabiePlates for their 2007 "COOL STUFF" Review!

Detroit, MI – November 23, 2007- Keeping Family First, an online magazine for moms and dads, produces their 2007 "COOL STUFF" Review containing some of the coolest NEW products for moms, babies and kids...stuff that's practical, innovative and just plain fun! Presents at 2007 Annual World Svenska Mammor Conference!

New York, NY – November 16, 2007 – Svenska Mammor (Swedish Mother) asked to present during their 2007 Annual World Svenska Mammor Conference about launching home based businesses as a Swedish mother. More than 50 Swedish mothers from all around the world gathered in New York City for their annual event. More than fifty percent of the Swedish mothers in attendance have heard of BabiePlates and gave positive feedback on the product.

Celebrity Baby Blog Mention After Celebrity Babies Receive BabiePlates!

New York, NY – October 22, 2007- Celebrity baby parents are buying BabiePlates for their little ones. Celebrity Baby Blog is the only website dedicated to celebrity babies (and their parents)! Click to see our mention.

BabiePlates Receives 4 Out Of 4 Star Product Review Rating!

New York, NY – October 16, 2007- receives 4 out of 4 star (ConnectingMoms "Mom's Stamp Of Approval") rating in product reviews from ConnectingMoms community.


Phoenix, AZ – September 1, 2007- Today, Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC® is proud to announce its top picks for the best trends and gifts of 2007. The Trends and Gifts Media Guide is designed to give the media easy access to the best products on the market. For holidays, special occasions, or for no particular reason at all, you will find that unique and innovative gift even the person that has everything can appreciate!

BabiePlates: In a sea of similar strollers- make your baby stand out! BabiePlates are adorable stroller license plates emblazoned with your baby’s name! Pick from a variety of designs and colors to add the perfect personalized touch to your stroller. Customize BabiePlates with names, sayings, whatever you want! BabiePlates are already a smash hit in Sweden where they were developed, now they’ve arrived in the U.S. Check them out at

Baby Bjorn Was First…Now Welcome, Releasing The Next Smash Hit Baby Accessory Product From Sweden.

Hauppauge, NY -- July 23, 2007 – introduced a new unique gift idea given to parents from grandparents, godparents, friends, family, and colleagues which lasts a lifetime. The answer to a parent’s complaint about gifts such as clothing, having no use 3 months after they are received.

Trendy BabiePlates are the ideal new (to the US) baby stroller accessory gift idea, which moves from your stroller to your child’s bedroom door or wall, and ultimately in your baby memoirs…how about that product life cycle for a baby gift?

BabiePlates are personalized with a name (baby’s name or other recognizable YANKS!) and birth date, and are the “original” Swedish baby stroller license plate. BabiePlates are currently a very popular newborn, christening, and birthday gift for proud parents.

Simply fill in the name (11 character maximum), birth date, and your desired color (Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow or Black) for the birth date numbers.

BabiePlates are custom made of aluminum with safety reflector foil (with a size of 9 13/16 x 2 15/16 inches and only 1/16 inch thick), which gives a large, clear and original reflection when taking strolls in your neighborhood at night when your little one can’t sleep. Your BabiePlate is mounted using fasteners that are supplied with your order, and suits all models of baby strollers.

Tens of thousands of BabiePlates have already been sold in Sweden. Quickly becoming the clever, smart immediate gift response for newborn baby announcements, you will want to send your BabiePlate gift as early as baby shower registry announcements are received. has actively forwarded inquiries to the Department of Justice official lead regarding AMBER Alert (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response), the National Center for Missing Children, McGruff, and Kidsave, to better understand how can help like organizations promote child safety awareness. recommends that parents move their BabiePlates from their strollers to a bedroom door or wall when your child has the ability to walk away from their stroller as a child safety tip.

About is an MTRD Partners LLC trademarked brand name. MTRD Partners, LLC is a company focused on obtaining distribution rights for products to be sold in Sweden and the United States. MTRD Partners, LLC has extensive experience in the areas of business development, sales and marketing, purchasing, and import/export. Learn more about or to purchase BabiePlates, please visit at

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